The Cornish Pop-Up Wedding Company have scoured the county to find the best venues in the most desirable locations, combining spectacular views with characterful interiors and offer small-to-medium sized wedding to you for surprisingly affordable prices

Having worked in the wedding industry for over a decade I'd always hear the same complaints from couples...."expensive suppliers, over-priced drinks at the venue, hidden costs, ridiculous corkage charge, suppliers putting on the hard sell..."

Here at the Cornish Pop-Up Wedding Co. we combine wedding planning with DIY weddings, allowing you to control your own level of involvement and work within your own budget.  We've streamlined our packages to keep them as affordable as possible. We offer great value drinks at our bars, the option of buffet style Wedding Breakfasts to save on staff costs, our corkage charges are very reasonable, each photography package is tailored to your exact requirements and don't come in rigid all-day packages, we offer a wide range of menu options to suit your budget...Every effort has been made to avoid a bank-breaking wedding bill. 

The Cornish Pop-Up Wedding Company are made up of  top Cornish wedding photographers and a skilled catering, bar and event team that all combine to offer you package wedding deals throughout Cornwall. 

We specialise in wedding parties of 20+ guests throughout the year but also offer incredible deals for midweek and winter weddings. 

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